Why a blog?

Traditional paper trail genealogy was largely a solitary pursuit for me. I occasionally interacted with a small group of other family members who also spoke the language of genealogy to trade information and photos and documents. Those were folks that I already knew well and keeping up with the correspondence was a non-problem.

With the advent of DNA testing for genealogy, things have changed. DNA testing has identified countless new cousins, who often have a wealth of family information that I never dreamed existed. And, the deeper that I get into my search results, the more I want to have additional family members tested. So, I have become the sometimes overly excited family member who wants everyone to have genealogical DNA tests done. I can go from hello I haven’t seen you in years to will you spit in this tube for me in nothing flat.

So why a blog? Because a blog is a convenient place to explain to my extended family what genealogical DNA testing is and what it can and cannot do. It’s also a great way to share the new finds that were made possible by the testing. And, I hope that our family experiences with genetic genealogy are helpful to others on the same journey.


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